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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we're tracking some freezing rain and sleet overnight and look ahead to the next arctic outbreak. >> reporter: montgomery county school students want to sleep in. they're calling on the school board to push back school start time. tomorrow the board has that power. >> reporter: there's growing concern about the security of your tax return, but it's not what you think. >> reporter: on any given night medstar washington hospital center is just an emergency call away from controlled chaos. january 12th was no different and then metro's tragedy erupted. >> we learned very recall in medicine you have to calm yourselves first. we're tracking rain and a wintery mix across the metro area. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. tonight the messy weather could stick around long enough for your morning commute. so will the roads be wet or possibly icy in the a.m.? first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now with a live look at doppler 9000. >> i think we'll see wet roads in the morning. be careful walking to get your paper, could be slick spots on
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your driveway. this just in. we've expand the winter weather advisories to include southern maryland until 5 a.m., the advisories north of town expiring at 3 a.m. primarily for sleet and freezing rain, but i think there will also be a little snow by daybreak, not a big deal. here's the radar now over the past couple hours. you can see the activity mainly kicking over to mixed precipitation, although a lot of the ground observations are reporting rain even up in baltimore, rain and 31. some of this is sleet, some of it's wet snow and some of it's rain indicated in green especially south and east of i- 95. go up 270, a little bit of mixed precipitation out fairfax. temperatures are 35 downtown, 34 in manassas, 32 up into frederick. coming up want to talk about a couple of thing. coldest day of the year friday through sunday. prepare, check your car battery and furnace. prepare for it like a 96 hour stretch below freezing. temperatures sunday could fall
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below 0. we'll come back, let you know if the arctic outbreaks will bring any snow. tomorrow the montgomery county public schools will take up the long debated issue of school start times. >> the district is expected to decide whether or not schools will start later in the morning. mola lenghi is in montgomery county where a so-called sleep- in was held earlier tonight. >> reporter: that's right, guys. students across montgomery county and their parents say that the current early school start times aren't just leaving students tired, but they're impacting their academic achievement and overall health. >> well, it's really hard to wake up before dawn every morning. >> i'm not used to waking up at 6 a.m. >> reporter: these montgomery county school students are tired, tired of waking up early, calling on the school board to make school start times later. a few dozen kids and their parents put on their pjs, grabbed a sleeping bag and protested outside offices today. >> kids are in a fog 1st and
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2nd period. >> i was so tired. i cannot concentrate one bit. >> i want to go home and i fool like my grades my grades are dropping because of that. >> reporter: this mother of two worries about the health impact of what students and parents describe as sleep deprivation. >> the data on what it says about depression, about anxiety, about suicide, about car accidents, about self- esteem, all of those things are very clear. >> reporter: tuesday the school board will consider making a change to the bell schedule. sool superintendent joshua starr previously support -- school superintendent joshua starr previously supported the change before doing an about face. for consideration tomorrow the district has drawn up new options that range from no new costs to costing about $6 million. those options include shifting start times for all schools later by 20 minutes or 30 minutes, starting elementary schools first with varying start times in length of day, split the high school day into two start times while making no changes to elementary and
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middle school times or no changes at all, but if a recent survey by a montgomery county educators union is any indication, teachers will be the hardest sell. the survey shows teachers overwhelmly owe pose the proposed changes, don't -- oppose the propose changes, don't believe they would create changes in health and believe they would create problems with after school responsibilities, jobs, child care. >> this issue, they are well behind. >> reporter: of the proposed bell schedule changes outgoing superintendent joshua starr only recommends the options that wouldn't cost the school district anything and those include shifting start times for all schools by either 20 or 35 minutes or no changes at all. live in montgomery county i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> tomorrow's vote is expected to focus on montgomery county's 25 high schools which currently begin at 7:25 a.m.
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police are investigating an apparent suicide in montgomery county middle school. school officials say the 7th grade boy harmed himself inside a locked bathroom. 911 was called. the boy was taken to the hospital where he did die. the student's name has not been released. grief counselors and psychologists will be at the school in the morning to help classmates cope with the tragedy. tomorrow morning the police chief and prosecutor in albemarle, virginia, will hold a news conference regarding jesse matthew, the man charged with abduction with intent to defile in the case of university of virginia student hannah graham. the 18-year-old disappeared last s. and her body was -- last september and then her body was found in albemarle county a few weeks later. matthew was also charged with a sex assault to be in trial for that later in the year. police say an attack took place in a motel room in newark, delaware, sunday where
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33-year-old ramone joyner met the woman the same day. when she rejected him, he restrained her and assaulted her. she did manage to free herself and call 911. he was arrested in the lobby. have you filed your 2014 tax return yet? there may be a crook or two out there who will do it for you if you haven't and steal your refund. an uptick in fraudulent tax returns discovered through turbo tax last week raised the alarm about widespread identity theft involving tax refunds. hank silverberg joins us from irs headquarters with more on this growing problem. >> reporter: this is a story about tax fraud, but we aren't talking about tax cheats or people who don't file taxes. we're talking about people who file taxes using your name, a form with your identity and then they steal your refund. >> this could be the mother load of data breaches this country has ever seen. >> reporter: the ceo of lexus
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nexus, your first defense is to check and see if a return has been filed under your name. >> go on to the irs web page and your state web page, type in your name and see if a return has been filed. >> reporter: so far you're okay, but your only real defense is to file your taxes early. >> file really early because you'll notice the criminals are filing in january and february. we see that almost 25% of tax returns at the state level are fraudulent the first six weeks of the year. >> reporter: if a return has already been filed, your refund or the one they claim in your name is gone and you have to correct it. >> you have to go in, prove the tax return was filed incorrectly and inappropriately and that you are the rightful person to get that refund. there's a series of procedures that the irs has as well as different states, but that process will take between six and 12 months. >> reporter: the irs says it's working on identity theft with more than 1,000 investigations last year and 748 convictions. he says this is more than just people stealing pin numbers.
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>> remember, they have your 2013 return. they know where you work. they know what your dependents are, your deductions. it is going to be a very difficult situation, a situation that could quite frankly change how taxes are filed for the next decade. >> reporter: filing a paper income tax form may help if your information has not already been compromised. it's estimated that the government has already lost $5 billion a year from false returns. we reached out to the irs to see what their comment might be on the latest fraud. their response was a series of press releases talking about how to protect your heat, but they were written about -- your identity, but they were written before this came out with turbo tax. a trial date has been set in the virginia se the defense attorneys are hoping leads to the snell of thousands of cases and mass refund -- to the dismissal of thousands of cases and mass refunds to go with it
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it. the problem with thence notices is the signature is produced electronically with a man and that's invalid. the case is set for trial march 9th. i broke my elbow at the gym. former maryland governor martin o'malley relating the news of his weekend workout disaster. tonight he's recovering from the surgery to repair that busted joint. o'malley took to social media today to say the procedure went fine and he is on the road to a quick recovery. the former governor reportedly broke his elbow lifting what's, exact details not available. he'll be in a brace several weeks. the governor is still considering a white house run as people say this setback will not impact o'malley's travel plans. montgomery county police say a man shot and killed himself at the silver spring landscaping business where he worked after pulling a gun on a fellow worker. the man arrived this morning at brookville landscape supply where employees told police their co-worker appeared upset and agitated and things just escalated from there.
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>> he locked the business, went to his vehicle, troved a shotgun. he pointed it -- retrieved a shot gun. he pointed it at one employee and shot a round into the mulch pile. >> after the gunfired the man did go outside and position himself around dirt piles and pieces of equipment. police tried negotiations, but after a four hour standoff he shot himself. prosecutors in north carolina have dismissed charges of domestic violence against panthers defensive end greg hardy. hardy was convicted last summer of assaulting a woman and his appeal was set to begin today. prosecutors told the judge they couldn't find the accuser. they said she'd reached a civil suit agreement with hardy. hardy set to become an unrestricted free agent next month. it's not clear if the panthers will resign him. convicted killer drew peterson charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill the illinois prosecutor who helped put him in prison, the former police officer serving a 38
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year sentence for the 2004 drowning death of his third wife. while behind bars peterson is accused of trying to hire someone to kill the state's attorney, lead prosecutor in the murder trial. a jury has been seated in the trial of the man accused of killing former navy seal chris kyle. eddie ray ralph is charged with murdering kyle and his friend chad littlefield at a texas shooting range in 2013. his family said he suffered from ptsd after leaving the marines. defense attorneys plan to pursue an insanity defense. coming up why maryland's 2nd of health calls the currents -- secretary of health calls the current measles outbreak that started at disneyland a gift to public health. >> also ahead sounding the alarm how easily hackers could gain control of your car and steal your information. >> but first timing and teamwork is how one trauma center in our area helped save those metro riders suffering from smoke inhalation last month. we take you behind the scenes
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to see how they did it. >> just stoplight rain in northwest. wakeup weather, no road problems, some flakes possible early. 5:00 we're in the 30s, 7:00 low to mid-30s. watch your driveway. clouds hang tough through 9:00, 34 to 309. we'll come back. we're not track -- 39.
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only on 9 just four weeks ago tonight smoke was billowing through the tunnels of the l'enfant plaza metro killing a woman and sending dozens more to area hospitals. medstar washington hospital center treated nearly 20 patients making split second life and death decisions. andrea mccarren takes us inside that trauma unit to see the lessons learned. >> now are you feeling? >> reporter: on any given night medstar washington hospital center is just an emergency ca controlled chaos. january 12th was no different. that monday night the hospital was packed with flu cases. the trauma unit already treating two heart attack patients, a stroke victim and someone suffering from burns. >> the patient is always in the center of what we do. that is what you have to focus
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on. >> reporter: and then metro's tragedy erupted sending 16 patients at the same time through medstar's doors. >> they were in the line all coughing and had soot around their mouth. >> reporter: three more patients arrived through the emergency department. >> the patients that came in were for the most part very calm. >> one of the things that we learned very early in medicine is you have to calm yourself first. you have that initial rush. that's a natural thing any human being will have. then you need to start thinking logically. >> they were split into different areas of the medstar trauma unit where these beds were taken out and a few chairs placed in each unit. >> reporter: the medstar staff is well equipmented to handle mass casualties and had already learned from their experience treating victims of the washington navy yard shooting in 2013. doctors and nurses instituted a color coded system using these cams to identify key trauma team member -- caps to identify
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key trauma team member. >> when we have an ocean of people, we're able to look through and quickly identify who we need to bring to the bedside. green is the medstar trauma nurse. white is the emergency department physician. the pink hat is the lead trauma physician. the red cap is the head resident or head physician. >> reporter: three hours, 19 patients later it proved to be a textbook case of team work. >> it's a sense of pride. >> it went as smooth as any busy day here. it really went well. >> of. there are now 121 cases of measles in 14 states. all but 18 are tied to the outbreak that started last month at a disney theme park in california. it was unusual to see on every 100 cases -- over up with hundred cases in the u.s. -- see over 100 cases in the u.s. last year 640 cases were
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reported. experts discuss the reemerginess of the virus. >> i think it's -- reemergence of the virus. >> i think it's a bit of a gift that the outbreak happened at disney land. it is a story that can be told to parents that disneyland became unsafe because people didn't vaccinate their children. it's a way of crystalizing the benefit to the community of vaccination. >> measles was all but eliminated in the u.s. by the year 2000, but experts say as severity of the disease became a more distant memory and fears of autism spread, an increasing number. parents have been opting not to vaccinate. a disturbing new report finds nearly all cars are at risk of being lacked. >> this study is out of massachusetts with senator ed markey. he says only two automakers make vehicles equipped to prevent that sort of cyber attack. the hackers could control your engine, steering, unlock your doors, access a driver's location and steal your
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personal data through the vehicle's wireless technology. >> we now need a rating system for security, for safety for that vehicle from it being hacked by an outsider. >> if we don't get out in front of this problem right away, give us two, three, four, five years out when cars are even more computerized than they are now when they're connected to the internet even deeper ways than now, this will be a serious problem. >> cyber security experts want the federal government to regulate how car manufacturers build their technology and the information they collect from you. boston set a new record for snowfall as yet another winter storm dumps 2 more feet of snow. the city is under a state of emergency. the mayor has shut down the transit system until wednesday. schools are closed. nonessential government workers in four counties are being told to stay home so hundreds of plows can clear the streets, but the snow was piling up faster than workers can move it. boston has received almost 74 inches this season so far.
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another storm could bring more snow on thursday as well. >> 74 inches, i'm 72 inches tall. 70s 4. >> 73 inches was our record snowfall at dulles, '09 and '10. that took us all winter. >> on the flip side we haven't seen that much at all. >> i'm not going to complain anymore. >> boston's choices thursday is 3 to 6 or 6 to 12. that's the range. we could see some snow shower from that system on thursday ourselves. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures down to 35, just rain at national, winds northeast at 13. dew points have fallen well below freezing. that tells you the surface temperature can fall below freezing tonight and i think it will north and west of town. doppler radar, a mixed bag precipitation. magenta is all mixed bag. ground crews are still
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reporting all rain with this system, a couple mixed precipitation in winchester, still rain silver spring, downtown, a few snowflakes mixed in. roads will be fine. flurries and snow showers possible, too, early tomorrow morning, conversational. bus stop temperatures in the 30s, 40s return tuesday and wednesday and enjoy those because our first hot of arctic air arrives thursday. that's going to be plenty cold and just get colder valentine's day night into sunday. 6 a.m. in the see the magenta, a little blue? there could be a couple flurries especially east of i- 95. temperatures are above freezing by 9:00, 36 downtown. clouds hang relatively tough tomorrow, maybe breaks in the clouds by afternoon, temperatures back in the low 40s, 37 by 5:00 in gaithersburg, low 40s downtown. so a little under the seasonal average of 44, 45. by 10:00 walking scrappy tomorrow night, 30 in gaithersburg, 32 in leesburg, but clear by then as temperatures go into the 20s
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eventually tomorrow night. so here's the day planner. again a couple of snow showers or flurries possible early. then 38 at 11:00 and 42 by 1:00. we're in pretty good shape wednesday, just chilly, 42. here comes our arctic air thursday, temperatures fall. we are looking at the chance for snow showers thursday evening. we'll watch that. that would impact the commute. it doesn't take much in terms of snow showers to cause any kind of problem driving home. in the wake of that first batch only in the 20s, low 20s friday, upper 20s valentine's day. if you have plans valentine's day night, some snow showers are possible with the next arctic batch. only 14 sunday and upper 20s monday. i think some areas north and west of town sunday will be below 0 straight temperature. so the wizards getting their mojo back. >> yeah. just in time to take a nice long break, but a win is a 1. the wizards taking advantage -- a win. the wizards taking advantage of
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the wizards to get back on track, it's now. two consecutive games against struggling teams, a chance for a little confidence boost for the wiz kids. tonight the wizards still without bradley beal and lost kris humphries to injury. so that long 10 day all-star break comes at the right time. john wall receiving his all- star jersey before tonight's game against orlando. he'll play against sunday and over the rest of the weekend, but tonight going for the w off a steal. nene, nice slam, the big man with 14 tonight. wizards really got going in the 2nd half, though. wall very generous slips it out to rasual butler. he led washington with 15. wizards cruise to their second straight victory 96-80 sweeping the magic. john wall finished just one point shy of his first triple double of the season. >> i think we played the right way today starting with john having the pressure on the ball. we're kind of coming back,
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start having more energy, start being more positive and if we're going to continue to play like this, hopefully we'll come back to being a winning team. georgia tech visiting virginia tech, an exciting game tonight. justin bibb drives the lane, dishes to shane henry for the slam. virginia tech starts off with a 6-0 lead. 2nd half under the seven minute mark charles mitchell who just transferred from maryland gets the putback, georgia tech up six. malik muller makes a huge three- pointer, assisted by jalen hudson, virginia tech pulls off the victory. super slow motion replay, blooper reels and recordings of pregame speeches, all things we take for granted now while watching football. ed sable brought all this to our tv sets, the founder of nfl films died today at his arizona home. he was 98 years old. sable created nfl films in
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1962. his son steve by his side. he revolutionized the way we watch the game of football bringing us into the locker room allowing us to come up close and personal to the game and the players. since the '60s the organization has won over 100 emmy awards. sable was elected into the pro football hall of fame in 2011. belief it or not, spring training -- believe it or not, spring training begins in 10 days. the washington national loaded up over 30,000 pounds of equipment including 16,000 baseballs that will make the 800 plus mile trip to vieira, florida. pitchers and catchers report february 19th. nice and warm down there while we're a little chilly up here. >> a little chilly. >> i can't believe spring training is already here.
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just wet roads tomorrow. you might see some wet snowflakes, conversational, don't freak out. low 40s tomorrow, low 40s wednesday. arctic air rolls in thursday. some afternoon, evening snow shower are possible thursday. as we know, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to cause problems. we'll watch that carefully. it would affect the commute. bitterly cold friday. think that's cold. another front comes in saturday, only 14 for a high sunday and some of those snow
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